I’m Mel, owner and curator of Atticus & Willow in the beautiful county of Cornwall where I’ve lived and worked for the past 23 years.

As a child I loved wandering along and collecting natural objects - stones, feathers, shells, cones, flowers, seed heads and basically anything else that I considered to be ‘treasures’.  Nature walks and creating a nature table were my favourite times during early school years and at home I was perfectly content with my own company in the Wendy House in the garden, arranging my dolls and things and making a home.

 Through adulthood, Home has always been the most important thing to me - not just bricks and mortar - but a refuge, a place of solace and comfort, relaxation, love, family and security, a bolt hole when you need to escape from the sometimes frantic pace of the outside world.  Most importantly my home is an illustration of who I am.

Living in a flat with no garden or outdoor space and very few windows, it’s important for me to bring nature and the outdoors in, so I hope that my curation of vintage and antique furniture, decorative objects, plants, garden and nature-inspired artisan collections will inspire you to bring an essence of nature into your home too.
Thank you for visiting, I’ll be adding new stuff here all the time so please call again.